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Case Study

inTouch – Connecting Sites & Improving Customer Relations with VoIP in the Cloud

Companies with multiple locations which are managed by a limited staff require a communications solution that can route calls to available agents automatically. This is achievable using a Cloud-based Wildix system, which ensures that calls do not ring at locations where managers are away from the phone and instead routes call traffic to available agents or, better still, to agents with more skill and experience in winning deals… Read the Case Study  


Pros vs Cons of VoIP

Scalability: Easily scale the number of users as your company grows.
Cost Effective: A huge benefit of VoIP is that limited software and hardware is required to operate the system.
Mobility: Our VoIP solutions come with a mobile application allowing you to answer your desk phone from your cell phone. You can also access your phone system from any desktop, laptop, or tablet allowing for remote working capabilities.
Security: Security is a top priority for inTouch. All of our VoIP solutions have all security features built inside the product, which means they system is secure by design, and that security is not delegated to third party devices.
  • 100% secure by design
  • 2 part-authentication
  • HIPPA and Hi-Tech Compliant
  • CRM
  • Email, Chat, SMS, Voice
  • Video Conferencing
  • Conference Calls
  • Call Recording
  • Online Faxing
  • On-hold music/ message
Change: Often, a business’s main issue when considering VoIP is that it can be difficult to convince employees to switch from something they already know. Some people have a hard time adapting to change. At inTouch we provide you and your staff all the training and support starting day one, to insure a seamless transition from your old phone system to your new VoIP system. inTouch Communications is an industry leader in customer service because of our white glove approach day in and day out.
Dependency on bandwidth:
  • High speed internet is essential when using/considering a VoIP phone system.
  • Lack of bandwidth can lead to poor call quality (we have premise based solutions for those unable to obtain high-speed internet).

Have no fear, inTouch can help you overcome all of these cons.

Why Choose inTouch Communications?

At inTouch Communications, we pride ourselves on our ability to do what’s best for businesses. We also understand all too well the role that cost plays in the ultimate decision. So, while we may not always “get the sale,” you’ll always get our very best recommendations for each and every situation. And, very often, we find that our honesty and integrity eventually earns us another opportunity and a lifelong client.

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