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How do I change the time and date on my phone system?


Open customer programming:

  • While on-hook, press Transfer and then dial 200.
  • Your display shows [ENABLE CUS.PROG. PASSCODE]
  • Dial the four digit passcode. (1234)
  • Your display shows [ENABLE CUS.PROG.-DISABLE]
  • Dial 1 to enable
  • Your display shows [ENABLE CUS. PROG. – ENABLE]
  • Press Transfer the keyset returns to its idle condition.
  • Press Transfer and then dial the three digit program code (505) you want to access.

Follow instructions for that program

Enter the new time and date using

W (Day of the Week): Enter 0 for Sunday and 6 for Saturday

MM (Month): Enter 01 for January and 12 for December

DD (Day of the month): Enter a number in the range of 01-31

YY (Year): Enter the last two digits of the year

HH (Hours): Use the 24 hour clock and enter a number in the range of 00-24

MM (Minutes): Enter a number in the range of 00-59

Verify the time and date and re-enter them if necessary

Press Transfer to store and exit programming or press Speaker to store and advance to the next program.

** If you have entered an invalid date, you will receive an (invalid entry) message for three seconds. Re-enter the correct date and time. If the information you entered is incorrect, repeat the procedure.

How do I forward my digital phone?


  • While on-hook, press TRANSFER and then dial 102.
  • Using the volume up and down buttons find the forwarding option you are looking for i.e. FWD ALL
  • After you find the function, using the soft keys below the LCD screen, press the far right key to move the cursor over to change the number.
  • (if you dial 9, place a 9 in the first field) continue with the number you would like to forward your calls to.
  • Press the right soft key again: CURRENTLY SET: change this to yes by using the volume up key.
  • Press the TRANSFER key to save your setting

NOTE: When you would like to clear this forwarding; while the phone is on-hook dial 600. This will clear the phones forwarding, and allow you to receive calls on your digital keyset. Also if you would like to keep this as a quick use setting, in the future just dial 601 and press the right soft key under OK.

How do I put my phone system into night mode?

Manually set the Day/Night mode: System Ring Plans

Press the Night button, enter the ring plan passcode (0000) and the ring plan (1-Night, 2- Day) you wish to set. The system will override all the automatic time tables and will remain in the set ring plan until manually changed. To manually change or cancel the ring plan time override and return ring plan operation to the automatic system schedule: Press the Night button plus the ring plan passcode (0000) and “0” to cancel the ring plan time override and return to normal operation.

  1. Press Night button
  2. Enter passcode 0000
  3. Enter plan number – (1 – Night, 2 – Day)

********* Note *********

When returning the system back to original scheduled time:

  1. Press Night button
  2. Enter passcode 0000
  3. Enter plan number 0
How do I transfer outside the office?


Use FLASH to transfer a caller to a number away from the office, press the FLASH key, dial the destination telephone number, announce the call if desired, hang up to complete the transfer or press FLASH twice to return to the caller.


Call your first party (or receive your first call), press the FLASH key and dial the second party’s number (do not dial 9 first), press the FLASH key again to join all three parties together.

Note: If you do not have a programmed FLASH key then press your scroll key until an option for FLASH comes up on one of your soft keys.

How do I use my cordless phone (transfer, hold, page)?


Make an internal call– Press TALK, dial extension number, after beeps stop, begin talking.

Make an outside call – Press TALK, dial ‘9’, dial outside telephone number.

Transfer a call – Press FLASH (LCD soft key), dial extension number, hang-up.

Put a call on hold – Press FLASH, dial 11.

Take a call off hold – Press TALK, dial 11.

Make a page announcement – Press TALK, dial 55*, make announcement, press OFF.

Answer a call on hold at another phone – Press TALK, dial 12, dial extension number or 70 plus line number where call is on hold.

How do I make a conference call?


To make a conference call while engaged in a conversation:

  • Press the CONF button and receive conference tone.
  • Make another call, either intercom or outside, press the CONF button and receive conference tone.
  • Make another call or press the CONF button to join all parties. You can conference up to five parties (you and four others).
  • Repeat the last step until all parties are added.
  • Hang up to leave the conference call.

NOTE: When attempting to add another party to the conference and you are not able to reach the desired person, hang up. Press the CONF button again to return to the previous conversation.

*** Please Note: that if you are required to dial a ‘9’ to make an outside call, you will need to dial the ‘9’ while using the conference feature.

My message light is flashing and I have no messages.


To cancel a message indication that you left at another station, dial 42 plus the extension number of the station at which you left a message.

To cancel all message indications left at your keyset, dial 42 plus your extension. Your MESSAGE light will go out.

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